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Aluminium Finishing

Sulphuric Acid Anodising

Sulphuric Acid Anodising is generally used where a decorative and corrosion resistant finish is required. The resulting anodic film is usually between 5 and 20 microns thick and is electrically insulating. This anodic film is not a surface coating, but is part of the material.

Colour Anodising

Standard Sulphuric Anodising provides a silver coloured finish showing the natural colour of the metal but components can also be dyed in a range of colours to provide eye-catching effects. Our own standard colours are Clear, Silver, Gold, Orange, Red, Violet, Turquoise, Blue and Black some of which are pictured below.

violet colour anodising of aluminium

Violet Anodise

black colour anodising of aluminium

Black Anodise

turquoise colour anodising of aluminium

Turquoise Anodise

anodising aluminium

Silver Anodise

red colour anodising of aluminium

Red Anodise

orange colour anodising of aluminium

Orange Anodise

Alocrom 1200 & 1000

Alocrom 1200

A rapid non-electrolytic dip process, which forms a protective coating on aluminium and its alloys.

It can have either a golden appearance as in Alocrom 1200, or a clear finish as in Alocrom 1000.

Alocrom gives good protection against corrosion and provides an excellent foundation for paint.

Chromating is a chemical process, which does not use an electrical current and results in the surface of the aluminium being converted into a chromate film.

It has good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. Alocrom coatings should be painted for exterior use and are ideal for use in electrical & electronic applications.

Iridite NCP - RoHS Compliant

Iridite NCP

The Iridite NCP process offers an environmentally safe, chrome-free passivation treatment designed specifically for aluminium alloys. It applies a highly corrosion resistant conversion coating ideally suited to be painted or left as a stand-alone corrosion resistant barrier.

Iridite NCP offers corrosion protection that rivals conventional chromate conversion coatings and provides an excellent base for primer or paint.

Iridite NCP is ELV, RoHS and Weee compliant.

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